Introducing Matt2015

This is the Matt2015 demo site

I built this child theme because I really, really like WordPress 4.1’s new default child theme “Twenty Fifteen“. I knew immediately that I’d want to child theme it for my own site.

Another thing I love about WP 4.1 is all the improvements to the Customizer. I honestly avoided the Customizer for as long as possible. But it’s been growing in leaps and bounds. I now find it to be the absolute best way to allow for user customization in themes.

Those two ideas together made me consider creating this theme in a way that would be really useful for others, not just me. It’s quite a challenge to code something for flexibility without overloading the whole thing with too many options and bells and whistles. For Matt2015 I tried to focus on the standard items that I know need to be customized in virtually every theme. Here’s a short list of those items:

  • A custom logo image
  • Navigation positioning
  • Archive layout customization
  • Social Sharing options
  • Custom Footer text
  • Widget areas

There are several other additional features that I’ve added as a convenience and because I assumed if I wanted it, others would too. See the “Features” menu item for full descriptions of each feature.

Premium Support

I’m giving the child theme away for free. So enjoy! Have fun! Run with it!

But maybe you’ve hit a snag, or you are not very familiar with working with themes, particularly child themes. Perhaps you need some individual feedback. If that’s you, then I’ve setup this site to allow users of Matt2015 to sign-up for Premium support for a certain amount of time.

Premium Support allows you to submit tickets that I will respond to directly within 2 business days as long as your membership is active.

Find out more about Premium Support Membership or sign-up for it here.


Here’s a couple terms I use throughout this site that are helpful to understand:

  • Sidebar-Header: Twentyfifteen is really unique in that is implements a fixed/scrolling sidebar that is actually your site header. It’s a unique approach and needs a unique term to describe what it is.
  • Added Feature: This child theme mostly adds new features to Twentyfifteen. Whenever I reference an “added feature”, I mean this is something completely new in Matt2015 which Twentyfifteen doesn’t have at all
  • Enhancement: If I took a feature that Twentyfifteen already has and “enhanced” it, then I refer to it as an enhancement. I did this very rarely.