Recommended Plugins

These plugins help enhance your experience with this theme. They are focused on allowing you to customize your site using best practices while also being extremely user friendly.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
    Every site needs to be optimized for SEO, and Yoast’s is bar none the best way to do that. But I recommend it here primarily because Matt2015 has a couple features built into it which leverage the power of this plugin. Specifically, Yoast Breadcrumbs are built in, and the Smart Excerpts prioritize the Yoast Meta Descriptions.
  • Modular Custom CSS
    Since this is a child theme, and I do plan to implement updates to it over the course of 2015, I recommend making your CSS changes with this excellent plugin. It allows you to add your CSS changes in the Customizer so you can see them happen live. There’s a section for theme-specific CSS changes, and plugin-specific CSS changes.
  • Typecase Webfonts
    Twenty Fifteen didn’t include the ability to change your custom web fonts, and I decided that using this plugin is a far better method than having them baked into your theme settings. Plus, it has settings in the Customizer (do you notice a pattern here!?) that allows you to see the changes live.
  • Styleguide
    Similarly to the Typecase plugin, with this you can easily customize your Site Title and Body font styles straight in the Customizer.
  • Customizer Import/Export 
    If you plan to use Matt2015 on multiple sites, then you’ll find this tool REALLY useful. It allows you to export your Customizer styles and import them into your new site.