Position Social Navigation


Having Social Channels navigation is really useful. But you should be able to put them where it makes the most sense to you. Matt2015 gives you added flexibility in positioning your social channels where you want them.

Where to Find it?

Customizer > Navigation > “Position of Social Links Navigation”

If you have a long-ish menu, then the social channels menu will always load “below the fold”. While there is a lot of discussion about whether there actually is a “fold” anymore, in Twenty Fifteen it matters more because your users don’t get to scroll to the bottom of the sidebar until they’ve reached the bottom of whatever page they are on first.

So if you want your social channels to have more prominence you can place them above your main navigation now.

Others want the opposite, they want their users to want to find them, to look for where to connect with you. For those, you can place the social channels in the site footer. Here’s all the options:

  • “Below Site Title/Description” — this puts it directly above the main navigation
  • “Below Navigation” — this is the default option, the only option in Twenty Twelve
  • “In the Footer” — this places your social channels in the site footer aligned right.